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Meet Our Founder: The Latina Making a Difference in Tech

Let's introduce you to someone truly special – Alejandra Hurtado, the passionate founder of Majesty Academy.

Let's get to know her inspiring journey!


As a Colombian immigrant, Alejandra knows the challenges Latinas face in the tech industry. She started her career in event marketing while working hard to earn a Mass Communication degree in 2013. After that, she became a program coordinator and kicked off a certificate programfor a Human Sexuality PhD program in 2016. Alejandra's dedication led her back to school in 2017, where she pursued a Master's in digital marketing while working as a marketing assistant for a construction management firm.


In 2019, Alejandra earned her Master's degree and founded her marketing agency. The following year, she became a digital marketing instructor for a university in Texas. Finally, in 2022, after realizing that teaching was her true passion and realizing she could do better, Majesty Academy was born.


Alejandra's goal has always been to empower Latinas in tech. She understands that the tech industry might seem intimidating, especially for Latinas. That's why she's breaking down those barriers, providing opportunities for Latinas to thrive, and ensuring they have a seat at the tech industry's table.


Despite being a significant consumer group in the US, Latinos are underrepresented in marketing jobs. Latinos hold less than 6% of marketing jobs, and among them, Latinas are even fewer, making up less than 3%. This lack of representation means not enough Latino voices contribute their ideas and perspectives to the marketing industry.


But at Majesty Academy, we're changing that narrative. Alejandra's online academy has already graduated over 200 students, many landing digital marketing jobs with salaries over $60K+. She's proud to be part of the solution and looks forward to empowering even more Latinas in the future.


Learn More About Our Founder’s Journey


2010 - Started working in event marketing while pursuing a bachelors


2013 - Graduated with a bachelor's in mass communication


2016 - Worked as program coordinator for a PhD program and launched certificate program


2017 - Went back to school to get  Masters in Digital Marketing


2017 - Started working as a marketing assistant for a construction management company


2019 - Graduated with digital marketing masters & launched marketing agency


2020 - Started working as a digital marketing instructor for a Texas University certificate program


2022 - Launched Majesty Academy


2024 - Has certified over 200 students and taught over 8 digital marketing certification programs. 


Learn more about Alejandra's journey and the impact we're making over at Majesty Academy! 


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