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Me Puse Las Pilas - Why I Joined Majesty Academy’s Sisterhood of Marketing Poderosas

Wayyy back in 2020, I was stuck inside. Like everyone else, I was using the internet to make my world a little bigger. As someone still early in her college years, I was trying to make the most of everything online. I was trying out dating apps, looking at virtual events from school, and looking for Latina creators to follow. It wasn’t long before I came across Alejandra and Majesty Academy. 

Low quality zoom pic = high quality college memories with other Latino students at my school!

As a fellow Colombiana interested in marketing, I followed right away. I was super curious about this she kept talking about, and low-key, I wondered how it worked. I watched La Rosa de Guadalupe growing up—that show says many things, but I knew to be wary of what I saw online. So, for a few years, I kept watching Ale do her thing, talk about digital marketing, and offer a career that could be really fulfilling. 

Y porque te enscribiste? Why did I decide to sign up? It was a mix of things. I started seeing other chicas talk about how they could apply the things they learned to get a new job. It made me realize that having a career in marketing is possible – it’s all about having the skills and knowledge that the field requires. Besides that, I was finishing my degree and wasn’t happy with where I was going. I was grateful to have gone to school and made the most of it, but staying in my chosen career forever made me anxious. 

I did design, but felt something was missing
Me doing some homework!

Above all, I wanted to make my younger self proud. Marketing was a field I had always felt interested in but never gave myself the chance to explore. Growing up, I had zero representation of Latinas attending college and entering corporate spaces. Seeing this community of mujeres taking a chance on themselves encouraged me to do the same and nurture that interest I had years back. And as one of the scholarship winners, I felt I was going where I was supposed to.

My Honest Thoughts:

 Ale has previous teaching experience, and I can tell! The class was really engaging, and she teaches us in a way that's clear to understand. We were given weekly assignments that built on what we were learning, provided templates that took us through meeting a client’s needs and asked us to pull from real-world examples. BTW – the assignment lengths were very reasonable, and we could ask for help if needed. We learned how to understand a client best, how to create a brand, how I can use AI to my advantage, and how to create a social media campaign. Because of this, I believe the course was worth it- si valio la pena. This course was a way I could invest in myself. Beyond learning the topics and templates we were provided with, Ale was there to teach us every single class. It’s a super valuable part of this course, and is perfect for people who want to learn about digital marketing.  

Why is this Program Perfect for Latinas like you?

Pero porque? We say it all the time, but what are the actual reasons? I’ll give you a few - they all connect to the way the program is run. I’ll give you three points to start:

Live Support: When Majesty Academy says they are committed to empowering women, they don’t say it solo por decir; they genuinely mean it. As I mentioned, this program is taught by a live instructor who supports you when needed. It’s rare to find programs with a real person teaching them- and because we do this, Majesty Academy proves that it wants its students to become as successful as possible. To have a real person behind the screen guide you through the course and be willing to answer every question we had, es lo mejor que uno puede tener. Considering that many mujeres are in this program to learn a new skill, having someone guide them through it helps ensure they understand what they are learning.

Una Profesora Preparada: Ale is a great person to learn from! She’s been in the field for 13 years, has her master’s in digital marketing, and taught at the University of Texas before launching Majesty Academy. Teaching at the UTexas encouraged her to create her version of a marketing course – a better, perfected version of what people should learn. Ale is legit, experienced, and all about seeing mujeres break into new spaces. She knows what she’s doing. 

If you didn't know by now, this is Ale, Majesty Academy's founder and instructor!

Representation and Community: I’ve always been intentional about finding spaces specifically made for Latinas and first-generation individuals. Being a part of them is inspirational and motivational, and I’m really glad I found Majesty Academy for that reason. It’s not often that you get to be in a place that supports you and somewhere you don’t have to justify and explain your story. Plus, there’s something about having Latina teacher that just hits different.

Entonces si, I recommend this course for all Latinas who are interested in marketing! Whether you want to learn this skill to switch careers or use marketing to elevate your business, the things you learn can apply in a lot of different places. So to plug our course – if you want to take the next step in your career alongside mujeres soñadoras y ambiciosas, you have to sign up for Majesty Academy’s certification program! The next cohort starts at the end of May, and signups close on 5/19. Learning digital marketing is not only beneficial, it's interesting too! From us past alums to you, we hope you seriously consider it! Las esperamos! 


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