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Fixing Her Crown: Majesty Academy Changing Lives Through Free EmpowHER Program

The DWC!!

Community, empowerment, support systems. Alejandra Hurtado, the founder of Majesty Academy, is no stranger to how much this matters to mujeres, and she knew she wanted to give back to her community. That's why her business is dedicated to serving women in need, through an initiative called the EmpowHER program at LA's Downtown Women's Center (aka the DWC). Majesty Academy offers its digital marketing certification to women there at ZERO COST.

For over 40 years, the DWC has been committed to ending homelessness and providing its women with a path to stability with resources ranging from wellness to employment and even housing. Alejandra knew that having this program at the DWC was a match made in heaven and that it would fulfill the academy's goal of providing high-quality education to women from diverse backgrounds.

I recently caught up with Alejandra to learn more about the program and its incredible impact on participants.

"Maid", a 2021 series on Netflix

"I've always believed in supporting and empowering women," Alejandra shares. But what ignited the flame for EmpowHER? Surprisingly, it was a Netflix binge session! Watching the show "Maid" shed a light on the struggles many women of color face, particularly those experiencing homelessness due to domestic abuse. Inspired by their resilience, Alejandra felt compelled to make a difference. "I wanted to have a community side to my business," she explains, and thus, EmpowHER was born.

Reflecting on the program's beginnings, Alejandra recalls reaching out to the Downtown Women's Center, recognizing it as the best partner for her mission. "It felt like a perfect fit," she affirms. Since its launch alongside Majesty Academy in 2022, EmpowHER has been a beacon of hope for countless women. "We've had women in the past four cohorts," Alejandra proudly shares. "In total, we've had over 20+ women go through this program from the DWC." It's not just a statistic; it's a testament to the impact EmpowHER is making in the community.

When asked about her favorite part of leading EmpowHER, she has sweet memories to share. "My top highlight has been hearing about the study group at the DWC, where women come together to study for our class". How beautiful! Powerful as it is sweet, it's incredible to see women coming together and supporting each other in their education. Witnessing their dedication and excitement fuels her passion even more. And the word is spreading fast- there are now waiting lists as more women are interested in joining the program.

But what about the success stories? Alejandra has plenty to share. "One woman is now working in marketing and loving it," she reveals, saying it boosted her skills and confidence. The certification was a perfect addition to her degree and allowed her to shift into a career she loves. An author also used EmpowHER's teachings to market her book online. And of course, various small business owners who've been able to transform their shops and services. It's all because of what the program taught them about digital marketing.

As EmpowHER continues empowering and uplifting women, Alejandra's vision for a brighter, more inclusive future is steadily becoming a reality. With each success story, a ripple effect of change is felt throughout the community, proving that when women support each other, incredible things happen.


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