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Marketing *Needs* Latinas, Just Like You

Updated: Mar 13

Some years back, you might remember Kendall Jenner starring in a Pepsi commercial, promoting peace and unity for everyone through a simple offering of a soda can.

An image from a Pepsi ad posted on YouTube, starring Kendall Jenner and featuring the song “Lions” by Skip Marley.

Credit...Pepsi Global, via YouTube

You may also remember that it was a massive flop.

Pero porque? You could say that a supermodel not known to speak out on social issues was... not the best choice for a Pepsi peacemaker. But even beyond Jenner's presence, the ad was considered insensitive because it glossed over actual cultural tensions in the United States then. Pepsi failed to reach the audience they wanted because they didn't fully understand them.

Chisme aside - what is your drink of choice?

  • Pepsi

  • Coca Cola

  • Jarritos

Would this commercial have played out differently if there had been people who better understood what the public felt? Claro que si. And who better to represent these people than people from those same communities?

Mija, I'm talking about YOU. People like YOU - Latinas - make marketing better.

Many of us have heard how much diversity matters. We know it leads to more creativity and gives the world different perspectives. But why do Latinas themselves matter in the marketing space? For one, only 3% of Latinas in the United States are in marketing roles. This creates issues for businesses because they can't properly reach the Latino audience. At the end of the day, our people and our community care deeply about their culture and experiences being valued. La gente quiere ver representation done right.

Latinas -us- are so orgullosas, so of course, we're not going to be happy when we feel a company did us wrong. It's a reality that's been recognized by major corporations. Forbes tells us that 85% of Latino consumers are more likely to support brands that promote diversity and inclusion. On top of that, 64% of Latinos seek out brands that acknowledges their cultura y tradicciones.

Having Latinas (like you!) in marketing means you can ensure your people feel seen in ways that aren't always so obvious to the audience. According to the Kantar Group, having a team of diverse people can bring to light the issues and fears consumers have about some companies. Latinas, among others, can become a representative voice for their community on their team and

keep their people's best interests in mind.

A Latina presence encourages companies to shift their perspectives and create content and products with specific groups of people ALREADY accounted for. The Latino community shouldn't have to feel like an afterthought.

Latinos are the fastest-growing minority group, having $5.1 billion in purchasing power, and having the highest rates of entrepreneurship. Nuestra comunidad es super poderosa. We Latinas know our worth and need to be in rooms that help elevate who we are. Businesses do better, Latinas win, and our community is given the respect it deserves.

Ready to become one of the 3% of Latinas in marketing? Learn more about our Women in Marketing certification program here.


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