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Las Mujeres Mandan - Women are Powerful Leaders in the Workforce

I mean...we knew this. Pero we got the facts to prove it.

Sometimes when I’m thinking about

my future, I get very nervous. I stay

up at night wondering if my sueñitos will ever see me launch the career I dream about. As someone in the early stages of her career journey, I have a lot of doubts about my abilities and

the path I’m “supposed to take.”

I know I shouldn’t. But the reality is that sometimes, no amount of Internet personalities and family support can convince me that I can one day be “toda una profesional”- as my mom says.

This isn’t anything unique to me—and girl, our emotions are valid! Latinas who are immigrants, who are first-generation Americans or college grads, women who exist in careers without representation and fight to be heard—mujeres like us—often doubt ourselves. If you’re here, you may be considering learning digital marketing. Of course, anyone starting something new will experience a learning curve. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have what it takes to be the empowered chica trabajadora we want to become.

Our confidence has to come from within, pero some outside reminders are always helpful. Especially when they’re backed by science - like specific studies that prove how in the workforce, women lead very differently from men. (And hint - they do it better).

According to Harvard Business Review, mujeres show much better leadership skills, up to an 84% difference from other workers. There are several skills where this is seen the most:

  • In taking initiative

  • In being resilient

  • In taking charge of their own life

  • In being focused on getting results

  • In having much integrity

This makes a lot of sense, especially for Latinas. Leadership is not just a job but a way of being and seeing the world. Our upbringing and experiences taught us to be resourceful, persistent, prepared, and always remember where we came from. Our stories shape us into empathetic and hardworking people. 

When we begin to doubt ourselves, we must remember that our stories matter. Those stories make us the majestic jefas the workforce needs today, tomorrow, and every day.

Feliz Dia De La Mujer!

Want to hear about women who are absolutely killing it right now? Check out some Majestic Latina leaders below!

Alexandra Zatarain, co-founder and VP of Eight, a technology company creating smart mattresses for optimal sleep, took the leap to become an entrepreneur and raised $30 million despite investor hesitation. In 2017, she landed on Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Consumer Technology, inspiring Latina women to venture into the tech world.

Jennifer Castillo, a native of the Dominican Republic and Executive Director at Dow Jones, boasts over a decade of experience in ad operations, programmatic, and podcasting. As a Latinas in Tech member, she empowers and supports Latinxs in the advertising space while leading ad operations at Dow Jones.

Victoria de Leon, the Director of Content Marketing at LiveIntent, enhances brands' data and helps them understand their audiences better through LiveIntent's people-based marketing platforms. As a first-generation American, she is a founding member of LiveIntent's Latinx ERG, Juntos, impacting the tech industry.

With 15 years in media and ad tech, Brenda Salce-Garcia is the Head of Creator Success at Jellysmack, a technology platform distributing creator-made video content to various platforms. Proud of her Dominican roots, Brenda advocates for DEI and co-founded Techbae to create opportunities for women in ad tech, demonstrating

problem-solving abilities that have driven her success.

Ana Corrales, the COO of Google Consumer Hardware, leads development for Google's hardware products and IT efforts across the business. Recognized as one of the 50 Most Powerful Latinas in Business by Forbes, she has held leadership positions at Nest and Cisco Systems and continues to drive innovation in the tech industry.

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