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4 Remote Digital Marketing Jobs You Should Know About

With the rise of social media and eCommerce, you’ve probably had at least some exposure to digital marketing.

But, did you know that this is one of the most successful career industries in the 21st century? Not only is digital marketing a profession that affords continuous growth and development, but many experts in this industry can earn their entire income from home. And, we think everyone deserves that luxury!

Here, we’re sharing four remote digital marketing jobs you need to be aware of and the money you could potentially earn from them. Then, we’re offering some real-life tips to help you begin a career in digital marketing today.

4 Digital Marketing Jobs You Can Work from Anywhere

Everyone wants a little freedom in 2022, and a career in digital marketing provides it! Because this career is based entirely online, you can work many positions literally anywhere - even from your bed. Here are four digital marketing opportunities you should know about.

1. Email Marketing Specialist

An email marketing specialist is a digital marketing expert focusing solely on building brand awareness and increasing sales via email. Email marketing specialists are responsible for tasks, like building email lists, creating emails, and sending newsletters.

According to, the average salary of an email marketing specialist in the US is about $57,000.

2. Content Strategist

Content strategists are experts in the digital space. They know what audiences want and help organizations perfect their digital marketing approach. Content strategists are responsible for helping brands develop online content, create an advertising strategy, and oversee the entire digital approach. estimates the average content strategist's salary to be around $68,000.

3. Digital Marketing Manager

While the content strategist is responsible for learning about a brand’s audience and planning the digital approach, the digital marketing manager implements it. Digital marketing managers help promote businesses digitally using tools, like social media, ads, and website development.

The base salary for digital marketing managers, according to Indeed, is about $62,000.

4. SEO Specialist

SEO is a targeted branch of digital marketing that has to do with optimizing content in a way that does well with search engines. SEO specialists understand these complex algorithms and help organizations take advantage of them. These experts are responsible for helping businesses optimize their digital marketing approach and increase traffic to their websites.

The average salary for SEO specialists is approximately $54,000, according to Indeed.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Professional

Becoming a digital marketing expert is not difficult and, for many people, can be done in less than six months! A Digital Marketing Certificate Program is one of the best places to start. A course like this will teach you valuable information, like building your portfolio and the best ways to score clients. It will also help you perfect your knowledge of digital marketing and establish you as an expert in the industry.

If you’re truly looking for freedom, and a way to escape the daily commute and boring 9-5, then working from home is the best way to achieve that. Digital marketing provides the door to get there.


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