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Pa' Fuera Con Los Scams! 🎺🙅‍♀️ How To Know if a Digital Marketing Certificate Is Legit (and if it’s a good fit, too)

From a young age, my mom instilled in me the importance of finding a good deal. Every weekend I'd follow her in store aisles, reading off prices and sometimes exclaiming how "todo esta muy caro". These lessons apply to many cases, especially when it comes to your education and getting the most value from it. If you want to learn and advance in your career, you know you don't just select the first certification y ya. You want to feel empowered in your choice and know you're doing the right thing, too. A generation raised by parents watching Primer Impact is a generation that knows better than to trust everything they see online. 

Ok so entonces. What are some red flags to watch out for when looking at digital marketing courses?

Everything seems a Little Too Perfect

Are people online talking about a simple hack they used to make thousands of dollars? Maybe they're talking about easily optimizing SEO and getting tons of followers overnight. Does the cost not line up with what other programs are asking for? Or when you look at reviews, the testimonials feel un poco falsos. If you find a digital marketing program doing one or more of these, I recommend doing a bit more research and being very sure of what is expected of you.  

The MLMs // Pyramid Schemes

Many people fall into pyramid schemes because what they offer sounds too good to be true. They often target minorities and people looking for extra cash. These companies feel super accessible to women because they promote themselves as non-traditional ways of making an income and prey on the fact that they have a community of girlfriends to turn into customers. Pero uno no se puede dejar. There are ways to see if a digital marketing course is a scam. Some of these include:

Researching the company - What do people who used to be in the program say? If Reddit posts tell you to run, then please consider running away. 

Understanding how it works - if the company is putting more emphasis on you getting new people to join, and rewarding you for it, then that's a sign that they have different priorities than what they told you

• Recognizing Pressure Tactics - These businesses will try to sell you stuff and make everything feel urgent. If they're making you pay or sign things without you having all the information, that's a sign to be cautious about your actions. 

Discovering Hidden Fees - You shouldn't have to buy a bunch of materials and equipment simply to be a member. Make sure you understand all the costs that come with joining a program and that things stay consistent. 


Ok, so now we know what to avoid in a course. Pero what do legitimate courses offer? Below are some popular certification options, with honest reviews and expectations we found online. We made the work easier for you so you can be more committed to your success. 

The Google Analytics Certification

  • Cuanto vale? $21.99 for the course by itself 

  • Cuanto dura? Two hours of video content

  • Who is it a good fit for? Those who want to learn more about Google analytics. It's not a marketing certification, but it helps you develop one useful skill in digital marketing. It comes with many resources to better understand Google analytics, like videos, documents, and practice questions. It is beneficial to have, but more education and experience are needed to enter the field.    

HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification Course

  • Cuanto vale? Free!

  • Cuanto dura? 4 Hours of Prerecorded content. That was an experience.

  • Who is it a good fit for? This is a course for a beginner's overview of digital marketing and learning a little about each topic. It is a very popular and accessible option a lot of people use. The videos are prerecorded online and at your own pace and are good if you want to get an intro to digital marketing. It does not offer extra support or guidance on navigating your skills; it only talks about the marketing topics. The courses are very focused on using Hubspot products for marketing, though the marketing world is much bigger than what one company offers. 

Duke University Digital Media and Marketing Certification

  • Cuanto vale? $3,195

  • Cuanto dura? Around one year

  • Who is it a good fit for? Ideally, people with a degree and prior experience. University courses and certificates are valuable because they have a recognizable name attached to them, and are accredited. This specific program has a very in-depth study of marketing and teaches them the tools and techniques needed to succeed in this field. This program has a lot of hands-on learning, but it comes with a catch. To obtain the certification, you must pass an exam and have either 5,000 hours of experience, 2,000 hours and a college degree, or 1,000 hours and an accredited marketing certification from another program. Many people do choose a program with a very prestigious university, y cada quien a su gusto. As your resident Latinas in marketing, we will always be honest with you about the different options out there and how accessible to those starting their careers. 

  • Cuanto vale? $2997

  • Cuanto dura? 12 Weeks

  • Who is it a good fit for? Es para las Latinas who are interested in launching their career in digital marketing! It's also great for mujeres who are looking to get a new skill to grow their business, or learn something new. I can attest to this being very beginner-friendly. It's also refreshing to be in a Latina-centered space. Todas queremos salir adelante, and it's inspirational to be among women who care and are giving it all. Ale, our live program instructor, is no stranger to any of this, as she founded Majesty Academy to empower women within her community. Having her there to teach every class allows students to ask all the questions they need to make sure they understand the topics. Ale guides students throughout the course, giving us tips and guidance. This next part is essential - students complete a final project they can add to their professional portfolio. This is incredibly important in this field, and they get to work on it with Ale's guidance and tips. The chicas in the program also get access to a private Facebook group to network and continue to motivate each other. We're not being biased when we say that this is a very well-rounded course. It combines the best of several classes to make this the best place to start your journey in digital marketing. 

So there you have it! Our tips on what to look out for with fake courses, and what real courses actually offer. Whatever you chose to do is up to you, mija. We hope that you decide to join us at Majesty Academy for our comparable and proven value, and also to be with vibrant community of mujeres pursuing their dreams. Click here if you want to read more and get enrolled today!


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