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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Classes meet 8-weeks once a week for 90-minutes in the evening so you can study part-time while maintaining your work schedule. 

This program is specifically designed to be interactive and actionable. The comprehensive guide to social media marketing covers the different platform techniques and their application. Each learning section is followed by real-life projects that test your understanding of the concepts and how you intend on implementing them.


We believe that imparting bookish knowledge is not enough; this is why we ensure that candidates signing up for the certification are aware of the real-life applications of the concepts. Content creation, social media management, influencer marketing, and community management are all real-life examples of the social media marketing that connect brands and consumers.

Social Media Marketing Certifcate Cost

This social media marketing course costs $2397 USD. We offer a 3-month payment plan. 


   Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

   Social Media Platforms

   Social Media Campaigns

   Content Marketing

   Community Management

   Influencer Marketing

   Social Media Tools

   Social Media Analytics



This social media marketing program provides certification to everyone who is part of the course. The certification acts as a proof of your talent and helps you forward your case in the professional market around you.


This certification can be a standalone qualification to enter the digital marketing industry, or could be coupled with a number of certifications to get the required results. The certification can be your key to unlocking a career in the digital marketing industry. The market is ripe with opportunities and there is a brilliant opportunity for all our participants to take their case forward.


The audience for this social media marketing course consists of professionals, entrepreneurs and newbies looking to develop their skill sets.


As the world of marketing changes and the corporate world transitions to the digital era, it is necessary that businesses reinforce their digital teams with the right talent. This requirement for social media marketers has created a desire in professionals to update their skills set with the right digital qualifications. This course acts as a conduit for that by building the perfect base for digital learning.

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  • Digital Marketing Specialist
    Salary range: From $50,000 to $100,000 A Digital Marketing Specialist is tasked with making the most out of online advertising techniques to identify the right target market and create brand identity.
  • Content Marketing Manager
    Salary range: From $85,000 to $100,000 Content marketing managers are tasked with developing, planning and implementing the content strategy of an organization across different platforms. These managers are responsible for creating online and offline marketing content.
  • Social Media Manager
    Salary range: From $60,000 to $103,000 Social media managers relate to the world of social media and are tasked with maintaining promotions and information on social media. They also focus on engagement levels online.
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