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Majesty Academy: Empowering Latinas in Tech through Accessible Digital Marketing Education

Discover THE Digital Marketing Academy For Latinas – dedicated to empowering Latinas in the tech world, one digital marketer at a time.

About Us

Welcome to Majesty Academy, where our mission is to empower Latinas in the tech industry with top-quality digital marketing education. Our online programs are exclusively designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Our founder and instructor has over 15 years of experience in the marketing and education field. Our programs are exclusively designed for Latinas who want to start a marketing career, have their own marketing business, or need a bit of guidance. You can learn at your own pace and also join live workshops. At Majesty Academy, we're not just about learning; we're like a big, supportive family. We'll give you personalized advice and the tools to find your dream job in the industry.

In the U.S., Latinas account for less than 3% of all marketers, contributing to a significant diversity gap in the field. Our mission is to fix that. Join us at Majesty Academy and take your first stride toward a successful digital marketing career.

Meet the Founder

The amazing Latina behind Majesty Academy is a Colombian immigrant who knows what it's like to dream big in tech. She started in event marketing while studying Mass Communication at CSUEB. After that, she worked in different marketing roles and kept learning. She got a Master's degree in digital marketing and started her own marketing company in 2019. She taught a digital marketing certification program at a Texas university. Finally, in 2022, she created Majesty Academy.

Alejandra's purpose has been to help Latinas enter the tech world and advocate for a more diverse industry. She knows it can be tough sometimes as a first-gen or immigrant navigating a whole new path. There's not enough Latino representation in marketing jobs – just 6% – and even fewer Latinas, around 3%. Majesty Academy has already helped over 60 students get digital marketing certified and help students land jobs paying over $60,000. This academy is all about making sure Latinas succeed.

Our Mission

At Majesty Academy, we're on a mission to champion diversity and inclusivity in marketing. We provide equal access to digital marketing education for all women.

Latinas' underrepresentation in marketing (less than 3%) and the tech industry is a challenge we're committed to resolving. Your journey with us marks the first step towards a flourishing digital marketing career.

Our Programs

Women in Marketing Program: This program is a 12-week program for women who want to start a marketing career. Our comprehensive program imparts essential principles, best practices, and hands-on experience. Gain the skills and confidence for success with a certification of completion to showcase to employers.

Chicas in Marketing Program: This 10-week program is for women who dream of starting a marketing business. Our program guides you through creating and growing marketing agencies or consultancies. From business plans to client acquisition and strategy implementation, we equip you with knowledge and guidance for business success.

Private Mentorship: We know that everyone's journey is different. That's why we offer one-on-one mentorship. Whether you want advice for your career or your own business, we've got your back.

EmpowHER Program: Empowering Women in Los Angeles

Our partnership with the Downtown Women's Center (DWC) in Los Angeles underscores our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We offer our certificate program at no cost and aim to empower women throughout Southern California to pursue digital marketing careers. This initiative supports career aspirations and combats homelessness for women in the community.

Why Choose Us?

Majesty Academy is the first and only academy exclusively for Latinas believing in the power of education and sisterhood. Join us in embracing the potential of digital marketing and positively impacting the industry and your life.

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