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Empower Your Inner Marketing Queen with our Chicas in Marketing Business Program!

If you're looking for a way to turn your passion for marketing into a lucrative business, look no further than the Chicas in Marketing Business Program.

Our program is designed specifically for Latinas who want to start their own digital marketing business or increase their income with a social media side hustle.

In the program, you will learn digital marketing skills and gain the confidence to take on clients and make money doing what you love. You will also have access to weekly live coaching sessions, receiving personalized guidance and support from experienced marketing professionals.

So, what exactly does the Chicas in Marketing Business Program include?

Our program covers all our Women in Marketing certificate program modules, plus weekly live business-building coaching sessions. Here's a breakdown of what the 10-week program covers:

  1. Intro to digital marketing + breakdown of program

  2. Create business identity + branding

  3. Target audience and niche

  4. Services + pricing

  5. Content strategy + social media

  6. Client process + onboarding

  7. Profit planning and business structure

  8. Client attraction & launching strategy

  9. LinkedIn + brand growth strategy

  10. Final check-in

But the program isn't just about learning new skills. We also provide you with weekly business-building exercises to help you put your newfound knowledge into practice and build momentum in your business. And, to keep you motivated and supported, you'll have access to a private Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded women and get bi-weekly mentorship from your instructor.

This program is entirely online and conducted in the evening, so you can fit it around your existing commitments. At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, which will demonstrate to potential clients that you have the skills and expertise to deliver effective marketing strategies.

Throughout the program, you will learn everything you need to know to start and grow your own digital marketing business. You'll gain practical skills in branding, social media marketing, content creation, client onboarding, and more. Our program also includes weekly business-building exercises, designed to help you put your new skills into practice and build momentum in your business.

We know that cost is one of the biggest concerns for anyone considering a program like this. We understand that investing in your education can be a big decision, so we offer various payment options to suit your needs.

You can take our program for as low as $157 per month or pay $4,500 for the entire 10-week program. We also offer financing options through PayPal and Affirm, so you can choose the best option for you and your budget.

With this comprehensive program, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to start and grow your digital marketing business and be part of a supportive community that can help you along the way.

Don't miss this opportunity to join a community of inspiring and motivated Latina women, enroll now in the Chicas in Marketing Business Program. Visit our program page to learn more and sign up:

Join us and start building your dream business!


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