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Celebrating Arlina Roman's Success - A Student of Our Academy

We just had to share the great news about one of our academy's students, Arlina Roman.

She's a boss babe with an established branding business who wanted to level up her digital marketing game. And boy, did she do it with flying colors!

Arlina discovered our academy through one of our TikTok videos, and she was like, "Hey, that's me!" and signed up right away. We knew from the get-go that she was a go-getter, and boy did she prove us right! With her hard work, passion, and can-do attitude, she breezed through our program, completing it successfully.

And the cherry on top? She's already landed a social media management client at $1500/month just two weeks after finishing the course! Whoop whoop! We couldn't be more thrilled for her!

Our academy is about empowering aspiring digital marketers to achieve their dreams, and Arlina's success story is a prime example. We are excited to see her career soar and can't wait to see what she'll accomplish next!

Let's show her some love on social @arlina_design!

Thank you so much, Arlina, for trusting us and for spreading the word about our academy and the amazing work we do to empower Latinas in the digital marketing industry. We appreciate you more than you know!

Let's continue to rock and roll and create more success stories together!


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